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Complete List of Works

Time Tells Endless (2023) (1') - for solo piano (Spencer Museum of Art Audio Tour)

Origin of Everything, Origin of Nothing (2023) for ensemble of any size (text score)

Through Thickened Fog (2023) for oboe and tuba (3') 

Haze on Either Side (2023) for string quintet (9') 

Steps (2023)  for narrator and electronics (text by Ellyn Mayo) (5')
Enacting Travesty (2022)  for soprano, B♭ clarinet, piano (composed for Olivia Jones) (9') 
dislodge (2022) for  B♭ clarinet, bassoon, viola  (3.5’)
​Bright Skies Cry (2022) for solo percussion: vibraphone and auxiliary (9')
That Wind I Used to Hear It Swelling (2022) for SATB Choir (2’)
Sea Stars (2022) for chamber orchestra, full orchestra (5’)
sunroom (2022) for solo cello (composed for Wesley Unruh) (3-6')
Jessamine (2021) for carillon (6’)
Riverbed in Moonlight (2021) for string quartet (5’)
Valiant Deeds, Foolish Endeavors (2021) for solo clarinet (1.5’)  
Monster Suite (2020) for flute, bassoon, and marimba (5') 
Death of the Flowers (2020) for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano  (11’)
Astronaut (2019) for string quintet (6’) 
Piano Quintet in B♭ minor (2019) piano and string quartet (3.5’) 

Electronic Media

Fluid Lines (2023) for percussion, clarinet, and live electronics

SendSoundSomewhere (2023) for bowed string instrument and fixed media

What I Could Not Bear to Say (2023) multimedia installation

Dreams of Misfits (2023) for live electronics (5')

How We Are Now (2023) multimedia installation
Depth Perception (2022) for piano and fixed media (3’)
Pigeon Odyssey (2022) videogame score 
Codepoem (2022) Interactive web audio and visual tool 
Dragon’s Adventure (2021) videogame score 
Indoctrinate (2021) for electric bass and electronics (3.5’)
Weighted, Weightless (2020) fixed media (2’) 


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