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Carter Crosby (b. 2001) is a composer, theorist, and multimedia artist currently based in East Lansing, Michigan. They work to create immersive experiences in both their musical works and installations- combining auditory, visual, and written art forms to create dynamic music on and off the page that engages fluidly with both the performers and audience.  

Carter is excited about interdisciplinary work within and beyond the arts, working with writers, visual artists, and programmers. It is also a core tenet of their composing as an individual, frequently producing their own video for electronic works, creating graphic scores, or utilizing programs like Max/MSP. 

They have also been selected to attend REDNOTE composition workshop, soundSCAPE composition-performance exchange, and Walden CMR. Carter is currently pursuing a master's in music composition from Michigan State University where they serve as a Music Technology Graduate Assistant and a STEAMpower Fellow. Carter completed their undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas, where they received many honors for their music and multimedia work including the Harry and Jessie Jacobs Prize in Music, the Matilla Award for Excellence in Electronic Music, and an Undergraduate Research Award for the development of their multimedia installation “How We Are Now”.  

Carter Crosby in an orange sweater and blue coat against a background of fall foliage
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